Design & Construct

Teleo Design provides the full complement of works with our design and construct projects - Engineering Design, Drafting and Project Management, through to construction and installation.

Our primary emphasis is with Pedestrian Bridges for local councils. We have supplied bridges into NSW, Queensland and Victoria. We deliver pedestrian bridges with little impact to the environment and the community, providing a great asset which will service the community well into the future.

Teleo is Prequalified with VicRoads for the supply of Small bridges.

Teleo extends their work into other public access projects such as Beach Access Stairs,  and Community Access Stairs and Platforms, and have even designed and constructed projects into Antarctica. As an Engineering Company based in Sydney, as you will see, Teleo Design is not limited to its location.

We have a experienced suppliers and fabricators and tend to, where possible, use local suppliers for Civil Works, Surveys, Traffic Management, Cranage and Installation, as we find their local knowledge to be a great asset and keeps the work and benefits in the community.