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Gardiners Creek Footbridge, Ashwood VIC

Lowering into place.jpg

The City of Monash engaged Teleo to replace the pedestrian bridge in the Gardiners Creek Reserve as it had reached the end of its serviceable life. The replacement bridge was required to be designed as a durable structure with a long life and requiring minimal maintenance.


The concept design provided for a truss bridge design of just under 9.5m in length, with a 3.2m wide deck, and the reuse of the existing concrete footings.


Teleo met these requirements with the supply of a steel framed bridge structure, complete with FRP decking to minimise slip, and galvanised handrails.


Fabricated using regional suppliers, the bridge was delivered to site in a single piece and manoeuvred into place through the maintenance access track at the end of a suburban street by a 25T franna.


The approach to the footings was a tight fit due not only to the vegetation along the creek, but also the electrical and data supply lines to the houses.


Once the bridge was in place, local contractors were able to pour the concrete to join the approaches to the existing paths, and open up the accessway

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