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Teleo Design Pty Ltd is a professional engineering company providing design and consultancy services across the mechanical and structural engineering disciplines. Teleo Design began its operations in 2014, with its office located in the northern Sydney suburb of Pymble.

Teleo Design is a privately-owned company with our engineers holding over 40 years design and construction experience in the mining and infrastructure sectors and throughout various other industries.  Teleo Engineers are chartered and we proudly service projects throughout Australia and across the world.


Teleo Design base our business on our set of core values. These core values provide guidance for our employees on the work culture that Teleo Design promotes.

Safety - This is our number one priority. We protect the safety and wellbeing of our employees and our clients. We will conduct our work using the highest technical quality and standards, and we strive to give our clients safe solutions that minimise cost, comply with regulations and accomplish client-set goals.

Honesty - We will always operate with honesty and will never overstate our capabilities or operate outside of areas of our competence. We will treat our employees and clients with dignity.

Acknowledging – By achieving through teamwork, we endeavour to work with our clients as team players towards common goals to meet the challenges and delivery of high quality solutions. We honour the contribution of all team members, cooperate with others, and work to enhance business relationships.

Listen - We deliver excellent service by listening carefully, collaborating appropriately, and working to schedule and within defined budget constraints. We work to develop a sound understanding of our clients’ priorities and issues though clear and concise communication.

Learn - We recognise that our employees are the foundation of our success. We value and listen to our employees’ contributions and thoughts as we achieve success through their inspiration, and we will continue to invest in their future.


Eric Hooimeyer, CPEng, RPEQ

Eric is a chartered Structural and Mechanical Engineer with over 35 years experience in the industry, with a focus in mining and heavy industrial projects. Eric has worked on projects through out Australia, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Antarctica, and has managed engineering design teams consisting of engineers and draftspersons in multiple locations. He has worked as a design engineer on major projects, several in excess of $100M and is the author of technical papers on Paste Thickener Technology and Constructing Bridges over Public Utilities in Suburban Sydney. Eric possesses analytical skills using FEA modelling packages and has undertaken the design of steel structures, stainless steel design, large tankage, pressure vessels, product development, and design standardisation for minerals processing equipment. Eric leads the design and project management disciplines within Teleo Design.

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