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Mt Keira Ring Track Bridge, NSW

Mt Keira Access Bridge.jpg

Endeavor Energy needed to improve maintenance access to a power pole within the Mt Keira National Park near Wollongong NSW. The pole is located along an existing trail which originally was the main access to Wollongong from Picton. The trail runs beside the modern Mt Keira road that connects Mt Keira to West Wollongong. Construction of the bridge was to have minimal impact on the environment as it is located on the boundary of the National Park.


Teleo Design provided a design for a steel bridge to be installed over a drainage trench along the path. The trench is of significant cultural importance and was to remain unharmed. Teleo worked with our client to define a suitable load rating for the bridge.


The bridge was installed in one day following placement of footings. Access to deliver bridge components was complex which was considered during the design.

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