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Saleyards Reserve Boardwalk, Wellington, VIC

Saleyards Boardwalk

Teleo Design was engaged by Wellington Shire Council to design and construct a shared elevated boardwalk structure spanning over Flooding Creek between Cemetery Rd and Reeve St Sale. The boardwalk was made from a series of 10m span beam structures supported on abutments and single posts along the length of the boardwalk. The boardwalk has a 2.5m wide FRP deck with Galvanised Steel handrailing. Teleo also constructed approach paths with a railing to the South approach preventing people from falling into the creek.


Teleo utilised local contractors for the project, keeping the jobs with the local community and maintaining a local presence for any minor site management issues. The bridge was manufactured off site, whilst civil works were carried on site for the approach pathways and footings. The bridge was delivered and installed in three days so reducing installation costs and minimizing impact to the community on installation. The bridge was trafficable and opened within a week of delivery of the bridge segments.

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