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Park Road Pedestrian Bridge, Warwick QLD

Coombes Bridge

Southern Downs Regional Council identified the requirement to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Condamine River at Park Road. The Condamine River is known to flood regularly with a wide flood plain at the road crossing. The existing bridge is designed as a causeway allowing for flood waters to pass over the bridge. Maximum flood depths have been known to be over 5m above the existing bridge crossing.


The brief for the project was to design a suitable bridge that could sustain flood loads for the highly likely event the bridge would be submerged. Teleo designed the bridge with collapsible handrailing allowing for actions to reduce the collection of debris during flood events. The bridge is a 32m span steel arch with 3m wide FRP decking.


Teleo Design supplied the bridge using local contractors for the civil work and survey. The bridge was fabricated in NSW and delivered and installed in a day with minimal impact to traffic, the community and the environment.

Park Road Bridge being installed:

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