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Aitken Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Craigieburn VIC

Bridge in use

The Aitken Creek Trail in Craigieburn provides locals with pathways to enjoy a quiet stroll or cycle, allowing for access to dog parks, bowling clubs and all aspects of their community. At a number of locations, the pathways cross Aitken Creek.


The crossing near Penrhyn Place, Craigieburn, was identified as a choke point for the creek as it consisted of a heavy culvert with a low profile. The approaches on either side were reasonably steep and as flooding occurred over the crossing, these would often become inundated as well.


Hume City Council engaged Teleo as they sought to remedy this, with the initial brief to design, fabricate and install a pedestrian bridge above the 1:100 flood level.


Working closely with Council through every stage of the project, Teleo reviewed Melbourne Water’s conditions for crossings over creeks, ultimately providing a design which not only met all regulatory requirements but also delivered a practical solution within Council’s financial constraints.


Teleo’s design was for an angled structure which lifted the height of the walkway to above the 1:10 flood level, allowing more accessible approaches and connecting seamlessly to the established footpath network.


The resulting structure had a clear creek crossing span of approximately 10m, whilst the total bridge length was approximately 40m, at a width of 2.5m. Fabricated using regional suppliers, the bridge was made of galvanised steel with FRP mini mesh decking to increase grip and meet accessibility requirements.


The use of modular handrailing allowed for simple onsite installation without the need for welding, further reducing the chance of erosion and contributing to the maximised lifespan of the structure.


Melbourne Water’s project constraints, particularly regarding riverbank erosion control, were fully met within our design and satisfactorily completed by our local civil subcontractors.


The delivery of this bridge to completion has allowed our client to meet a longstanding need in the community, and Teleo Design is proud to have been a part of this outcome.

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