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Merri River Bridge, Warrnambool VIC

Merri River, Warrnambool

In 2016 Teleo supplied and installed a pedestrian bridge over the Merri River in Warrnambool for the local Council. Following successful installation of the bridge, Teleo was approached by a property developer who needed a similar span bridge to connect to the new estate. This bridge was to be installed 800m upstream from the previous bridge.


Teleo maintained a similar design for the bridge and included for mounting of services pipes along the side of the bridge. The bridge was delivered as a single unit to be installed on to the prepared footings.


The day for install happened to be very windy and wet. The bridge arrived and needed to be offloaded. Works were delayed due to the weather to ensure a safe installation could be achieved. A week later the bridge was installed and approaches ready to be built.

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