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Bridge 39 - Great Southern Rail Trail , Alberton to Welshpool, VIC

View from the bridge.jpg

Teleo Design was engaged by Wellington Shire Council to replace 14 dilapidated timber bridges on the Great Southern Rail Trail, between Alberton and Welshpool – all of which were unfit for use.


The bridges range in length from 3.8m to a majestic 81m multispan bridge. Load rated to support pedestrians, cyclists, and horses, all bridges are 3.5m in width.


Bridge 39 was one of the larger of the bridges, designed with two 10.5m concrete deck lengths installed onto steel girders, and a central span of 12m.


Designed as modular building blocks, the precast concrete decking panels are all multiples of 1.5m, allowing them to be effortlessly installed by light cranes. The panels were then bolted together onsite, with handrails bolted onto the structure for completion.


The bones of the original structure show that it was visible through the tree canopy, with the potential for showcasing the scenery from the midpoint of the bridge.


Teleo’s replacement bridge reflected and fostered that potential, with the treetops and the stunning expanse of the region easily visible above the handrails – a natural stopping point for those rail trail travellers who wish to stop for a breather and take in the striking views.

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