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Water Reservoirs, Scott Base, Antarctica (Phase 1)

Scott Base Water Tanks

Teleo Design were engaged in 2018 to design, supply and install 2 replacement water tanks for the Scott Base research facility in Antarctica. The tank capacity is 40kl each and were to be supplied in shipping containers  Design was to fit onto the existing timber footings.

Teleo supplied the materials for the replacement tanks in December 2018 to meet the annual container ship. Teleo received a second order to supply the remaining 2 tanks in 2019.


Teleo went to Antarctica in December 2019 to construct the 2 tanks that were delivered in January 2019. Construction included demolition of the existing tanks prior to assembly of new tanks. Works needed to be completed in January as the weather is most reliable this month of the year.


Teleo worked to extremely strict timelines and environmental conditions to install the first 2 tanks. Teleo is waiting removal of travel restrictions due to Covid to return and completed the remaining tanks.

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