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Moyjil Beach FRP Access Stairs, Warrnambool VIC

Moyjil Beach Access Stairs

In March 2020, Teleo Design was engaged by Warrnambool City Council to design and construct stairs and a platform to access the beach at Moyjil Point Ritchie. The stairs were to replace timber ramps that had been severely damaged by erosion of the beach. Teleo designed a FRP replacement structure.


This site is recorded as having the oldest known evidence of civilisation in the world. Teleo Design worked closely with council to develop a cultural heritage management plan for the site which was endorsed by the Eastern MAAR organisation.


Prior to commencement of civil works a storm surge eroded 2m of sand from where the footings were to be constructed. Teleo redesigned the footings for the new ground profile. A major storm event in 2021 saw the beach eroded by over 3m in the area of the stairs. The stairs survived this event and access to the beach was able to be maintained even with the greater than predicted erosion.

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