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Hamilton Street Pedestrian Bridge

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Teleo was awarded the project to design and construct 3 pedestrian and cycleway bridges over Powells Creek, North Strathfield, with the installation of the Hamilton Street Pedestrian Bridge on 21 September 2022.


This is a sister bridge to the one installed at Lorraine Street earlier in the year, designed as a truss arch bridge which spans 24m, incorporating a 3m wide deck and a bikesafe handrail.


Manufacturing was again undertaken offsite, with the modules assembled in an adjacent reserve, yet again minimising the impact on the local community, and causing minimal traffic disruption.


The physical installation of the Hamilton Street bridge was challenging, requiring accurate manouevering of the structure beneath overhead power lines and between wide-spread tree canopies on both sides of the creek.


Precision choreography by 2 frannas on the reserve allowed the bridge to be moved to the centre of the channel, with handover of one end then being made to a large overhead crane, which completed the positioning of the bridge onto the footings.


Once completed, the pedestrian and cycleway bridge crossing will join a section of the Bay to Bay path, improving access to Mason Park, Bressington Park and Ismay Reserve.

Hamilton Street Bridge being installed

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