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Port Albert Access Stairs, Port Albert VIC

Port Albert Access Stairs

Teleo Design was engaged by Wellington Shire Council to design, supply and install new FRP beach access stairs to replace sunken concrete stairs. The brief was to replace the existing dilapidated stairs, that were falling away from the damaged wall, with durable and corrosion resistant stairway access for pedestrians from the walkway to the mudflats at low tide.

Teleo worked with a local contractor to demolish the concrete stairs and repair the bluestone retaining wall. The existing stairs were lifted out as one large concrete block.


The stairs are supported by driven FRP piles that were placed accurately for the assembly of the stairs directly onto the piles. The installation took 2 days to complete as works needed to be done during low tide events.


Handrailing for the stairs are made from FRP posts with stainless steel railings. The surface is low slip making the stairs significantly safer than the old concrete stairs.

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