Teleo Design

Teleo Design is a professional engineering design company providing mechanical and structural engineering to a wide range of industries from Mining through to light commercial and Local Government. The company was incorporated in 2014 with its head office in Sydney, Australia.
Our professional engineers are recognised in Australia, with extensive work experience on projects throughout the world.

Our services include:

  •       Plant layout modelling and drawings in 2D and 3D
  •       Flow chart and piping and Instrumentation diagrams
  •       Conceptual through to Detailed designs of mechanical and structural components
  •       FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  •       Structural Steelwork design and documentation
  •       Steelwork Shop detailing services
  •       Civil Footing and retaining wall design
  •       Tank and Reservoir Design and Verification
  •       Structural and mechanical Certification
  •       Existing plant surveys for project definition
  •       Detail Design and Tender documentation, evaluation and selection
  •       Project execution support and Technical Specifications
  •       Pedestrian Bridge design and construct
  •       Inspections and Dilapidation assessments of Structures
Teleo Design is pre-qualified with VicRoads for Simple Structures – covering simple pedestrian bridges and minor road bridges

Our Latest News

Dealing with COVID-19, Teleo is still successfully delivering projects interstate.

Bridges Hill Park Pedestrian Walkway

Teleo was engaged to fabricate and install 3 sets of stairs to service the Bridges Hill Park as part of Cessnock Councils beautification project.

Stair 1 was 48 m in length

Stair 2 was 15m in length

Stair 3 was 35m in length

Teleo used a modular design for ease of transport and installation on the steep grade.

March 2021 – Just completed 


Moyjil Point Ritchie Beach Access Stairs

July 2020 and we are not slowing down, with our latest installation of beach access stairs at Moyjil Point Ritchie. The stairs were completed to a suitable stage for public to use.  The site is of cultural significance with several known indigenous artefacts in the construction site. Teleo has worked closely with council to deliver the works, within the requirements of a tight cultural heritage permit, to minimise the disturbance of the highly culturally sensitive environment.  Minor works are still required to finish the project. 

Teleo was able to successfully deliver the main elements into Victoria during Covid shutdowns and regulations, and arrange for suitable local hire to undertake installation with our involvement from a distance. 





Lake Pertobe Bridge, Warrnambool, VIC

Lake Pertobe’s Bridge No.6 in EJ Reserve Warrambool, was Teleo’s 3rd pedestrian bridge installed in Warrrambool. The original bridge was removed and the replacement bridge installed in March 2020. Teleo are now working on our next challenge, replacing the Beach Stair Access in Moyjil for Warrnambool Council.

 Port Albert Stairs

New stairs at Port Albert Victoria were installed in February this year, with the removal of the existing concrete stairs that were in a dilapidated condition and separated from the seawall. The stairs were replaced with a new FRP assembly, including the support piers.


Scott Base Tank Design, Construct and Install

Teleo Design were engaged to design, supply and install 2 replacement water tanks for the Scott Base research facility in Antarctica. The tank capacity is 40kl each. Logistics was a key factor in ensuring all materials and tools required were delivered onsite a year prior to the install in order to meet the annual container ship delivery. The tanks were installed and commissioned successfully on a tight schedule.
On the back of their success, Teleo Design is ready for the 2nd round of installation for the remaining 2 tanks. Supplies and tanks were delivered to New Zealand for the annual ship to Antarctica and are awaiting install once COVID travel bans to Antarctica are lifted.




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