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Thomas Street "Cloudgate", Ultimo NSW

Thomas Street Sydney.jpg

The City of Sydney commissioned an artist to design a suspended artwork over Thomas Street Ultimo in Sydney. The artists design is defined as a series of clouds floating over the footpath. These needed to be made structurally sound and constructed in a safe manner. Teleo Design was engaged by the installation company to design the suspension system and main art items.

Teleo designed the supporting poles and net catenary system for supporting the discs representing clouds. The discs ranged in size from 2.4m to 3.6m diameter and were design by Teleo to ensure they were able to be constructed to meet the strict aesthetic requirements of the artist. Services included full set of manufacturing detail drawings and construction inspection and certification.

Teleo Design also finalised the design of the footing system for the poles. The footings needed to allow for several services to pass through the pile caps.

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