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Powells Creek Lorraine Street Bridge Artworks, Strathfield NSW

4 Artworks at sundown.jpg

Teleo Design was engaged as consultant to support the design of the first artwork commissioned for the Powells Creek Bridges. This thought-provoking and beautiful Studio Chris Fox / Mike Daly collaboration ‘Flyway’ showcases the annual migration of the Curlew Sandpiper, a critically endangered migratory species, on its traditional passage between the Mason Park Wetlands in Strathfield and Siberia.

Having designed and overseen the fabrication and installation of the bridge, Teleo was uniquely placed to allow for the alignment of the fabrication and installation methodologies of both the structure and the artworks, providing an opportunity for overall cost savings.


Teleo’s consultancy role in this project required initial sketches to provide indicative detail, as well as the completion of detailed finite element analysis on the artwork model to recommend connection details and member sizes.  This ensured the structural integrity of the bridge and the artworks alike.


The finished installation is illuminated using warm, controlled lighting at dusk and dawn only, recognising the potential for disorientation to migrating birds generally.

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