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Canopy Structures, Merrylands NSW

Under the canopy.jpg

Teleo Design was engaged by our client Hub Australasia to provide the design and shop detailing for canopy structures being installed in the newly-created Merrylands Civic Square.

Cumberland City Council’s vision to reclaim an old carpark and return it to a green, open meeting space for the entire community to enjoy, was brought to life by renowned indigenous artist Adam Law’s conceptualisation of connection to country, drawing inspiration from indigenous, industrial and cultural ties in the area, and particularly to water.

Featuring 12 cantilevered, irregularly shaped pad structures, the works required 3 sizes of canopy, ranging in size from 3.5m to 5m. Creating further complexity in the design was the requirement that all individual components needed to fit inside a 20ft shipping container for transportation.

The roof of each canopy is horizontal, however the ceiling of each slopes towards the offset centre post, allowing for the collection of rainwater. The undersides of the canopies were clad in polished stainless steel sheeting to resemble water rippling and moving over the surfaces.

Teleo was proud to work on this community project, providing initial designs for architectural approval of the canopies, with further detailing being produced to allow for the manufacturing of the canopies and also the unique cladding on each of the canopy posts.

Further design work was undertaken for the pad footing systems for each structure, with construction support provided throughout the duration of the build, and design and inspection certification ahead of the official launch.

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