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Lake Talbot Skywalk, Narrandera NSW

Walkway through the treetops

Teleo Design was engaged by Narrandera Shire Council to provide concept designs for a potential viewing platform overlooking Lake Talbot


The platform was to be DDA compliant, providing easy access from the Lake Talbot Water Park carpark, and maximising views into the surrounding flora and fauna reserve.


Taking inspiration from the Wiradjuri word from which the name Narrandera was derived (“Narrungdera” – place of lizard or goanna) and the tranquillity and majesty of the lake, the water dragon became the motif around which the concept design grew, and the design which Council adopted.


The constructors for the final package of works engaged Teleo to provide the footing and manufacturing detail design, along with construction support during the build and install.


The final skywalk extends 50 metres from the carpark, and ends at an elevation of 15 metres above the water, with the cantilevered platform allowing the viewer to be transported into, and surrounded by, the picturesque natural beauty of the region.

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