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Crusher Structural Detailing

plant arrangement.png

Teleo was engaged to detail steelwork for an underground mine expansion. The works included detailing conveyors, transfer towers, a crusher and feeder station. The works were to include 3D modelling to verify the details complied with the design.

The new plant tied in to existing workings, requiring modifications to existing steelwork during maintenance shuts. Teleo expedited critical items to work with the mines schedule.

Teleo undertook the works using a combination of Tekla and Advance Steel. This included inhouse detailing as well as external detailers under the supervision of Teleo. All detailing included native NC files for the automated production of platework and cutting of beams to the correct profiles.

A total of 320t steelwork was detailed. Over 1000 drawings were produced to detail the steelwork, chutework and liner systems.

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