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Cowwarr Trail Bridge, Gippsland VIC

The Cowwarr Trail Bridge

The project to replace a heritage timber trestle bridge along the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail was a long term challenge for the committee of management, with the local community navigating not only the Covid-19 pandemic, but also vandalism and extreme weather conditions.

The installation of the replacement bridge closed the last of the gaps along the 63kms of trail, and notably returned to the route of the original railway line, making this now-iconic section of trail safer for locals and tourists alike.


Teleo Design was engaged to design and provide manufacturing details for the 42m span trussed arch pedestrian bridge, along with the design of footings and all steelwork. This was a direct engagement bv a local constructor who successfully tendered for the design and construction of the bridge.


FRP minimesh decking was selected to minimise slip hazards during wet weather events, and Moddex modular handrailing was chosen to allow for simple and quick installation on site.


The structure was delivered to site from our regional fabricator in 3 pieces and assembled prior to final placement. The single bridge structure was then lifted into place by a single crane, creating minimal disruption and allowing for completion of the install early one morning.


The bridge over the Thomson River was officially opened in July 2022 and remains in great condition after a number of flood events in the years since.

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