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Centenary Square Catenary, Parramatta NSW

1 Lighting system at night_edited.jpg

Teleo Design was engaged to design custom poles to support cable suspended light fittings over Centenary Square, Parramatta (formerly Church Street Mall).

As part of the upgrade and redesign of the area, Parramatta City Council sought to improve not only the appearance of the area, but also the usability and safety of the pedestrian experience. Redesigning the lighting system was core to this.


Our civil consultancy experience was required to design the poles and footings for the custom light system, suitable and ready for placement within complex buried services under the square. These needed to showcase our precision detailing as the units were manufactured outside of Australia, and there was absolutely no room for error.


Teleo’s experience allowed us to provide variations to the design of the footings late in the project when further buried historical services were identified.

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