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Bungaribee Shelters, Bungaribee, NSW

Bungaribee Shelters

Bungaribee Park is a 200 Hectare public space part of the Western Sydney Parklands covering 5200 hectares over 27km from Blacktown through to Liverpool. The parkland includes walking and cycling trails and playgrounds ideal for family gatherings.

The Western Sydney Parklands were developed with a series of picnic shelters installed into the newly developed parkland. This included 2 types of shelters strategically placed throughout  the park. A total of 18 shelters were installed in 4 separable portions of work.

In 2016, our client engaged Teleo to compete the structural design of the shelters based on the architects detail. Teleo verified selected member sizes and design field connections. Teleo provided the engineering design drawings for the footings. Teleo also provided a package of shop details for the steel structure for construction.

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