Teleo Design has degree qualified structural and mechanical engineers. We have extensive experience in mining and heavy industry. We have a strong understanding of oil, gas and minerals processing equipment and the interaction requirements in operating plants. We provide a wide range of design services to our clients from conceptual layout design through to final design for certification. Designs can be completed in either 2D or 3D. Our engineers have been carrying out FEA analysis since 1995 and can provide design verification for plant and equipment.

Our engineers are not limited to design for Australian conditions. Our engineers have experience in design for many countries including Australia, New Zealand, the North and South Americas, China, Japan, Europe and Africa. This includes design for high seismic conditions, temperature and pH extremes. We understand the impact of environmental conditions on the performance of materials and we ensure robust designs are delivered to our clients.

With the blend of structural and mechanical design our engineers are able to deliver more than just equipment design. We are also well placed to design the supporting structures and access ways to operate and maintain equipment. Our experience in the operation and commissioning of process equipment helps ensure designs are practical and user friendly. Our engineers are familiar with some of the most stringent health and safety requirements through our dealings in the mining, oil and gas industry. We apply this knowledge into the development of our plant and equipment design.


Teleo Design’s engineers are chartered in Australia and Queensland and we are able to provide third party verification and certification of design for mechanical and structural plant and equipment. Our experience with specialised lifting and transportation provides further aspects for certification on highly complex and non-standard engineering challenges.

Teleo Design has a culture of continual development for our employees. This includes keeping our engineers current in compliance legislation and standards. With this knowledge and experience we are able to complete informed third party reviews and assist in certification approvals for your equipment.

Our engineers have completed certification and release documentation for mobile equipment to be used in underground coal mining applications. This equipment needed to meet many stringent demands for safety, useability and robustness before being accepted as new plant.

Our Engineers are experienced in the inspection and certification of fabricated steelwork for compliance with the relevant Australian standards and regulations. We provide staged erection inspections with certificates of compliance for our customers and work closely with site management crews to ensure this service is provided at the ideal time in a safe and competent manner.


Teleo Design provides drawing and documentation support for our clients. This ranges from conceptual arrangements for pre-feasibility study through to Final shop details for steel fabricators. Teleo design can complete drawings in AutoCad and Solidworks Formats on Teleo or Client drawing sheets. All documentation is checked and approved by our engineers.

Our engineers are experienced in the consolidation and modernisation of your plant documentation. This can be in cataloguing your drawings and technical documents, converting from hand drawn to 2D or 3D CAD and reviewing drawings against current plant to revised drawings to match current conditions.


Teleo Engineering can provide services to determine the condition of plant and equipment. Our engineers have over 25 years experience in structural and mechanical condition reports for coal and heavy industry plants. Services include visual inspection and indicative NDE of welded structures for crack propagation evaluation with magnetic particle testing and plate thickness with ultrasonic testing. This helps our clients focus on failure risk points and helps keep plant operating with a higher utilisation.

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