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Want to know what we can do? Here is just a small sample of our past projects

  • Pedestrian Bridges - Design, Construct and Installation
  • Inspections
  • Design
  • Instructions, Detail and Certification
  • Tanks
  • Specialised Lifts and Transport
  • Processing Equipment Design
  • Process Plant Design
  • Shop Detailing

Pedestrian Bridges & Elevated Walkways

Park Road Pedestrian Bridge - Warwick, Queensland

Southern Downs Regional Council identified the requirement to provide a cyclist/pedestrian facilities at Park Road over the Condamine River at Warwick, Queensland. This project was jointly funded by Southern Downs Regional Council and Queensland State Government’s Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program. Teleo Design designed and supplied a shared pedestrian/cycle bridge using local contractors for the civil work and survey. The bridge was fabricated off site and delivered and installed in a day with minimal impact to traffic, the community and the environment.
The bridge has a 3m wide FRP deck and is 32 metres in length, with a galvanised steel handrailing. As the Condamine River is prone to flooding, the bridge was installed with collapsible handrailing to enable debris to pass through.

Loaders Lane Pedestrian Bridge - Coffs Harbour, NSW

Teleo Design designed and supplied a shared pedestrian/cycle bridge connecting Loaders Lane and William Sharpe Drive, with the bridge opening up to the new West Coffs City Parkland under development at the time of the construction of this bridge. The bridge has a 2.5m wide FRP deck and is 32 metres in length, with a galvanised steel handrailing. The bridge was manufactured off site and delivered to site as one piece ready for install. Civil works were carried on site for the screw piles and footings. Once on site the bridge was installed in one hour with minimal impact to the community and environment. The bridge forms the start of a greater Parkland project for West Coffs residents.

Saleyards Reserve Elevated Walkway, Wellington, Victoria

Teleo Design designed and supplied a shared elevated boardwalk structure between Cemetery Rd and Reeve St Sale, with the boardwalk spanning over Flooding Creek. The bridge was made from a series of 10m span beam structures supported on abutments and single posts along the length of the boardwalk. The boardwalk having a 2.5m wide deck with Galvanised Steel handrailing, with an extension of railing to the South Side similar construction to the railing on the boardwalk. Total length of the elevated boardwalk is 60m.
Teleo utilised local contractors for the project, keeping the jobs with the local community and maintaining a local presence for any minor site management issues. The bridge was manufactured off site, whilst civil works were carried on site for the approach pathways and footings. The bridge was delivered and installed in three days so reducing installation costs and minimizing impact to the community on installation. The bridge was trafficable and opened within a week of delivery of the bridge segments.


Holsworthy Structural Inspections, NSW

Teleo was engaged by the fabricator to provide Structural Steel Inspection and Certification for the Australian Army Moorebank Relocation project. This included a series of buildings including accommodation, Education facilities, Museum and Chapel. Teleo provided regular inspections, over a 2 year period, of steel work as it was being erected for compliance to drawings. The job required approximately 1500t of steel to be inspected. On completion, Teleo issued the final engineer certification for each building.

ACT Law Courts Inspections, ACT

Fabricators, HF Hand Constructors, worked with Laing O’Rourke on the new ACT Law Courts Facility in Canberra. Teleo was engaged by HF Hand to provide technical support and review of temporary propping as required. Teleo also inspected progress of erection works for suitability to progress with different trades and provided review and certification of designs.

Plant Structural Inspection, various locations Northern NSW

Teleo Design were engaged to complete a structural inspection of a clients Quarries and Plants in Northern NSW. Structural inspections were completed of the fixed building assets and plant for each site. This included a 5 day on site inspection of all locations. Inspections checked for damage and corrosion of structures and provided recommendations for repairs as required. The inspection was completed by a qualified Structural engineer with over 30 years experience in the inspection, design and manufacture of heavy industrial and mining structures. Inspections included walkways and platforms. Teleo used copies of the last report to assist in providing an assessment of the rate of dilapidation where past inspections have found issues. The inspections included rating the condition of all structures along with a photographic record of the condition in a detailed report.

Thredbo Valley Track, Elevated Structures Inspection, NSW

Teleo Design were engaged to complete a structural inspection of the existing pedestrian bridges and high risk elevated walkways on the Thredbo Valley Track. The inspections included rating the condition of the bridges in alignment with OEH guidelines based on inspection findings. A photographic record of the condition was provided in a detailed report that follows the standard outlines of RMS bridge assessment reports. Teleo was asked to assess the structural capacity of the bridges for use with quad bikes and small excavators with results of this analysis included in the inspection reports.

Walkways and Monorails Structural Inspections and Assessment, Perisher NSW

Teleo was engaged to complete an inspection of the walkways and monorails located at Perisher Sewage Treatment plant (STP) and pump houses. NPWS manages the STP and pump houses at Perisher valley. These are fitted with a series of monorail beams for maintenance of the settling tanks and pumps within the buildings. The monorails required capacity ratings identified to make them compliant with the relevant Australian standards. A dimensional check of the installed members was also completed. This data was used to complete a set of calculations to confirm Working Load Limit (WLL) for the monorails.
Walkways and Ladders were also assessed to ensure compliance to the Australian standards. The primary focus was linked to fall heights and load carrying capacity. A total of 14 walkways were reviewed with ladders for compliance. A report was issued identifying Load Limits for the monorails and areas of concern for the 14 walkways reviewed.


McArthur River Mine Cyclone Enclosure, NT

Teleo Design designed a replacement floor for the cyclone enclosure to ensure containment of acid spills from faulty cyclones. The steel grating floor was replaced with a bondek Concrete slab complete with kerbing to prevent spills to the floors below. The floor was fitted with drains to contain contents and deliver to a controlled drain point. Teleo designed a blockwork wall to build a room 6m long by 5m wide around the cyclones. This is to contain fumes and noxious gases from entering the adjacent work areas. The ceiling was designed using FRP closed cell decking panels to contain gases. A scrubber was fitted to the new room to extract fumes for decontamination of the gases.

Mt Keira Ring Track Bridge,
Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area NSW

Teleo Design provided a design for a steel bridge to give vehicle access to service a critical power pole inside the National Park. The bridge was located on the ring track which is part of the original road to Wollongong from Picton. The bridge was design for maximum 18t vehicles with a maximum axle load of 13t. The bridge was installed in one day following placement of footings. Construction of the bridge was to have minimal impact on the environment as it is located inside a National Park.

Catenary System, Parramatta, NSW

Teleo provided engineering design of main support poles, including foundations, into complex ground conditions with several services in the work site. The lighting poles support tensioned cables spanning 40m complete with suspended light fittings.

Bungaribee Shelters, Bungaribee NSW

Western Sydney Parklands Trust required new shelters to be installed into a newly developed parkland. This included 2 types of shelters strategically placed throughout  the park. A total of 15 shelters were installed in 4 separable portions of work. Our client engaged Teleo to compete the structural design of the shelters based on the architects detail. Teleo verified selected member sizes and design field connections. Teleo provided the engineering design drawings for the footings. Teleo also provided a package of shop details for the steel structure for construction.

Thomas Street Catenary – “Cloud Gate”, Sydney, NSW

A new Catenary sculpture structure was created in Thomas Street Ultimo in Sydney. The structure includes the supply of 8 poles and 4 light arms. The poles support a net style cabling system that suspend a series of discs over the pedestrian walkway. The main tensioning cables span across the road with minimum clearance of 4.8m above paving. Teleo completed a design verification for the 8 poles, with 4 variations to the poles for diameter, wall thickness and length. All 4 types were reviewed to determine deflection under cable loads. Spacing between poles and RL to underside base plate was required to commence detail design.
Teleo produced the complete design of the Catenary cabling system. This included fixings to the columns and confirmation of tension loads required to obtain the correct final geometry within the specified tolerance of +/-50mm. This included a design check of wind load impacts on the cloud discs to confirm uplift and lateral loads on the cabling. A separate design check was completed for the brackets to connect cable runs to each other.
Teleo Design provided Structural Design certificates for the poles, light brackets and catenary cabling system on final approval of the design by the project artist.

Harold Park Shelters, Harold Park Sydney NSW

Our client was given architectural arrangements for a series of shelters and kiosk for the new development at Harold Park Glebe. Teleo designed and detailed the 3 types of structure for manufacture, with minimal visible connections. This included the design and detail of the footings. Teleo also provided Inspection and Construction certification. The picnic shelter is 4.8m high & comprises an anondised aluminium outer skin with a decorative perforated pattern to cast patterned shade and an internal tensioned fabric ceiling. The playground shade structures comprise a steel frame with micaceous paint finish, with a perforated aluminium tray ceiling panel with an anodised finish. The support columns are fixed to concrete footings.

Tanks - Inspection, Design

Water Tank Inspection, Sydney NSW

Teleo Design were engaged to complete design verification of the glass fused to steel bolted tank complete with constructability evaluation for the replacement Permeate tanks at a Sydney plant. The original tanks were damaged due to a local high wind event. As part of the work undertaken, Teleo designed a new tank anchor system, and confirmed the  jacking system to be used for the tank build and footing evaluation. Inspection of the footing system following demolition of the existing tanks was undertaken by Teleo.

Water Reservoir design verification and technical support, NSW

Teleo Design were engaged to complete 3rd party design verification of the glass fused to steel bolted tank and roof design. This included upgrading drawings to satisfy Sydney Water CAD specifications and reviews with Sydney Water. Teleo also provided construction support to assist in resolution of issues as they were raised. Work included assessment of code compliance for access and working at heights infrastructure.

Hunter Water Roof Design and Access Stairs

Teleo was engaged by our client to provide technical support for Hunter Water to upgrade the roof and roof access of three of their existing reservoir tanks. Cams Wharf, Murrays Beach and Dungog. Work included condition assessment of tanks for the replacement of the roof structures as well as compliance assessment of internal access hatches and ladders.

Specialised Lifts and Transport

Bridge Transport

Teleo was asked to design a suitable method of transporting a truss bridge that would be used to support a series of pipes that span across the Pacific Highway North of Coffs Harbour. Teleo was requested to design bolted attachments to connect the bridge to a rear wheel set and the main prime mover of the transport truck. This would make the bridge effectively the trailer of the truck. Teleo completed the design of the connections and verification of the capacity of the bridge for this type of custom loading. The bridge arrived onsite without any issues.

Thomas Street Sculpture Specialised Transport, Sydney NSW

The artworks “Clouds” needed to be packaged for transport to site. The units were bulky and potentially easy to be damaged. Teleo designed and detailed for manufacture, a transport cradle for placement into shipping containers.  

Shop Detailing

Waverton Coal Loader, Waverton NSW

North Sydney Council along with a broad range of stakeholders, undertook the transformation of the old Coal Loader site into the new Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability and the Coal Loader Platform. The Coal Loader Platform was opened in March 2018 as a public open space. The Platform is one of Sydney’s largest public accessible green roof spaces. The concrete and sandstone platform structure is one hectare in size (seven Olympic-sized swimming pools would fit side by side along its length) and is designed to be a multi-purpose recreational space with spectacular views of the harbour. Teleo was engaged by HF Hand to detail the handrailing and barrier steel for the roof complex.  This included 6 types of balustrade, 4 types of handrail and stair structures. Teleo Design provided detailing and site inspections to confirm arrangements.

Chatswood Bridge Roof Canopy, Sydney NSW

Teleo Design provided structural design checks and detailing services to our client for the construction of the replacement canopy on the pedestrian bridge across the Pacific Highway at Chatswood. All components were to be galvanized and delivered with no bolted joints. The structure was to be installed at night to reduce impact on the road below. Teleo provided construction support during assembly to verify construction was compliant with the project specifications.

Barangaroo Cultural Space Centre Lift, Sydney NSW

Teleo was engaged by H F Hand to detail the structural steelwork for the Lift well and associated structures that form part of the Cultural Space Building. The Lift Shaft included 4 levels of steelwork including columns and awnings. A covered walkway to the South entry of the Cultural Space Building, covered with roof sheeting.  The Cultural space building also has a roller shutter wall that has mullions and brackets for attaching into concrete.


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